• Lebanon, Egypt, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark
  • 83
  • PG
  • Mohamed Siam

Just 14 at the time of Egypt’s Tahrir Square revolution, Amal bravely took to the streets shouting for change, demanding her voice be heard. We meet her just after her boyfriend is killed and she is violently assaulted by armed police. Scarred by injustice, she doesn’t yet know the political and personal consequences of her early taste of rebellion. As filmmaker Mohamed Siam follows her over the next six years, he chronicles not only an unguarded young girl’s coming of age but a country’s parallel struggle towards freedom. Headstrong and full of anger, Amal lashes out at her less dissident mother, her suffocating friends and the patriarchy that still surrounds her. As the democratic hopes of the revolution begin to wane, she must also face the realities of a girl asserting herself in an Arab police state. Her name literally translating to “hope,” Amal is a young woman undeterred. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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