Alphée of the Stars

Alphée of the Stars

  • Canada
  • 82
  • PG
  • Hugo Latulippe
  • Colette Loumède (Producer)
  • Éric De Gheldere (Producer)
  • Hugo Latulippe (Producer)
  • Annie Jean (Editor)
  • Hugo Latulippe (Writer)
  • Alain Auger (Music)
  • Alain Auger (Sound)
  • Luc Raymond (Sound)

Alphée shares much in common with other five year olds. She likes to laugh, and to play and she has a vivid imagination. Unlike other kids, she has an extremely rare genetic disorder—Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome—that affects neuromuscular development. Her parents, filmmaker Hugo Latulippe and Laure Waridel, have witnessed Alphée defy medical expectations. They have such a deep belief in their daughter’s potential that they decide to leave their hectic lives in Quebec and spend a year in a Swiss village to provide Alphée with an integrated education in a progressive preschool. From this transition, a moving cinematic love letter from a father to a daughter takes us through the seasonal beauty of the Swiss Alps, as changes in Alphée profoundly enlighten all those who encounter her. Latulippe joins in his daughter’s joyful wonder and playful exploration, avoiding the adult doubts, worries and limitations of the world they’ve left behind.

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