All You Need Is Love (Ep. 14, The Beatles)

All You Need Is Love (Ep. 14, The Beatles)

  • UK
  • 55
  • 14A
  • Tony Palmer
  • Tony Palmer (Producer)
  • Les Young (Cinematographer)
  • Tony Palmer (Editor)
  • Tony Palmer (Writer)
  • The Beatles (Music)
  • The Beach Boys (Music)
  • Eric Burdon and the Animals (Music)
  • The Byrds (Music)
  • The Mamas & the Papas (Music)
  • Bill Rowe (Sound)
  • Brian Saunders (Sound)

It was over lunch that Tony Palmer and John Lennon sketched out the plan for this unprecedented 17-part series tracing the origins and social history of Anglo-American popular music. Palmer criss-crossed the globe to gather firsthand accounts from many of the surviving greats, covering jazz, blues, vaudeville, music hall, Tin Pan Alley, swing, musical theatre and eventually folk, rock and glam (stopping just short of punk). Instead of voice-over narration, insiders share their personal perspectives: Stephen Sondheim on musical theatre, Liberace on vaudeville and Nik Cohn on country. For this episode, we get the dry wit and wisdom of former Beatles press secretary Derek Taylor, who traces the Fab Four story from beginning to end. The series set new standards for the music doc genre, inspiring Monty Python’s Eric Idle to create a mock-doc homage entitled All You Need Is Cash. Michael McNamara

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