All These Sleepless Nights

All These Sleepless Nights

  • Poland
  • 103
  • 14A
  • Michal Marczak
  • Thomas Benski (Producer)
  • Marta Golba (Producer)
  • Julia Nottingham (Producer)
  • Lucas Ochoa (Producer)
  • Michal Marczak (Cinematographer)
  • Dorota Wardeszkiewicz (Editor)
  • Katarzyna Szczerba (Writer)
  • Michal Marczak (Writer)

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Krzysztof vows to live life to the fullest, diving head first into a Warsaw summer of wandering and wondering, pills and parties. The world is filled with possibility as he and his friend navigate the city streets. Director Michal Marczak is known for his innovative approaches to documentary. Blending actors into his previous works At the Edge of Russia and Fuck for Forest, Marczak has a singular approach that allows him to push his subjects through new experiences to capture something intangible about the human condition. All These Sleepless Nights has been called genre-pushing and hybrid because of the rehearsed elements involved. Regardless of where you land on its definition, it’s a gorgeous piece of filmmaking, a dreamy picture that shows you the moments between being a child and becoming an adult, between sleep and wakefulness, and the many ways of falling in love. Sarafina DiFelice

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