All My Loving

All My Loving

  • UK
  • 55
  • 14A
  • Tony Palmer
  • Tony Palmer (Producer)
  • Phil Mayheux (Cinematographer)
  • Tony Palmer (Editor)
  • Tony Palmer (Writer)
  • The Beatles (Music)
  • Jimi Hendrix (Music)
  • The Who (Music)
  • Pink Floyd (Music)
  • Zappa & The Mothers of Invention (Music)
  • Cream (Music)
  • Eric Burdon (Music)

Commissioned to “explain” pop music to older BBC viewers, <em>All My Loving</em> is one of the few Palmer films with a narrator. After asking if pop music is “the most startling upheaval since the Renaissance” or “merely the harmless entertainment of adolescents,” the deadpan voice-overs become but one more fragment in a wild collage of ideas, images and music. Dynamic performances by the Beatles, Cream, the Who, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd are peppered with anecdotes from Frank Zappa, Paul McCartney, Donovan, Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess, and priceless tales of the glory days from Tin Pan Alley publisher Eddie Rogers. This is Palmer’s second film and he turns the volume up to 11 with violent collisions of the colourful and the cataclysmic: music festivals, love-ins, civil rights riots, Vietnam war atrocities and burning Buddhist monks. The non-linear assemblage approach would become Palmer’s modus operandi. Michael McNamara

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