All In This Tea

All In This Tea

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A guided tour through the wondrous world of tea, the latest film from distinguished documentarian Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht follows American tea importer David Lee Hoffman to some of the most remote regions of China in search of the world’s finest teas. A passionate supporter of sustainable, environmentally sound practices, Hoffman is a champion of the independent tea farmers who adhere to ancient, handcrafted methods. Explaining the delicate balance between art and science in tea leaf cultivation, Hoffman strives to bring China’s teas to the world market, but is frustrated by the business politics of giant tea factories. Nevertheless, he revels in the medicinal, meditative and transformative power of tea, not to mention its tangible connection to the earth and its timeless relationship to previous generations. Blank’s longtime friend, fellow filmmaker and tea lover Werner Herzog, appears at one point savouring a special cup of tea that tastes “like a forest, leaves on the ground, it has just rained, the rain has stopped, it’s damp, and you’re taking a walk. And somehow that’s all in this tea.” Andrew McIntosh.

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