Advocate for Fagdom

The Advocate for Fagdom

  • France
  • 92
  • 18A
  • Angélique Bosio
  • Gildas Le Tourneur Hugon (Producer)
  • Stéphane Bouyer (Producer)
  • Angélique Bosio (Cinematographer)
  • Stéphane Bouyer (Cinematographer)
  • Kenneth Thomas (Cinematographer)
  • Gary Sykes (Cinematographer)
  • Jane battement (Cinematographer)
  • Amélie Massoutier (Editor)

Bastard child of Kenneth Anger and John Waters, dissolute baby daddy of the homocore movement, romantic deconstructuralist, and reluctant pornographer: as this seductive portrait of a singular talent shows, Bruce LaBruce is nothing if not master of re-invention. Born an introverted Ontario farm boy, LaBruce couldn’t find a scene expansive enough for his omnivorous interests, so he made one up. Beginning with his own persona(e), and spilling over into his fanzine collaborations, photos and films, LaBruce constructed an exuberantly transgressive universe that inspired nice boys everywhere to imitate art and create their own repression-free, perversion-friendly zones that welcomed all comers. Priceless and penetrating quotes from the likes of John Waters, Harmony Korine and Gus Van Sant underscore LaBruce’s importance as brilliant provocateur. But it’s the clips from his films, shown in context with all their rough, seductive beauty and irresistible glee, which expose his sophisticated political commentary and rightfully position him as the inspired subversive genius that he is. Gisèle Gordon

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