Acts of Men

Acts of Men

  • Brazil
  • 75
  • STC

Edgy and taut, Acts of Men goes deep inside the tangled web of blackmail, kidnapping, drug dealing and murder that organize the underworld of Brazilian crime. The township of Baixada Fluminense, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, is a dangerous and socially troubled region, notorious for its violence and corruption. In March 2005, it’s the location for a horrifying massacre of 29 people by local death squads. Spurred by this atrocity and its seemingly unchecked perpetuators, director Kiko Goifman investigates the haunting background to this incident, and contextualizes it inside the fractured psychology of the local community. A palpable sense of peril lingers as the filmmaker interviews the behind-the-scenes criminal players in these deadly power struggles. Set inside a sprawling and grimy urban jungle, it becomes clear through these personal stories that justice is rare here, and morality is a lesser concern than day-to-day survival. In Baixada Fluminense, we find a few answers and even more questions about what motivates the most horrific acts of men, and that the worst assaults damn both the guilty and the innocent. Brett Hendrie.

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