Active Measures

Active Measures

  • USA
  • 112
  • PG
  • Jack Bryan

Possibly one of the largest espionage operations in history played out as the world watched Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign and his ultimately foreseeable election into office. In this long-awaited political documentary, director Jack Bryan, through expert testimony and archival footage, skillfully constructs a powerful argument as to how Soviet modern warfare tactics shifted the 2016 US presidential elections. Tracing back to the 1970s and events in Ukraine, Georgia and Estonia, the film sets the stage for what is to come: scandal, corruption, blackmail, bankruptcy and money laundering, fueled by the Russian Mafia and corrupt political figures who greedily manipulate US politics and mass social media in their unrelenting lust for power. Featuring interviews with Hillary Clinton, John McCain, James Woolsey, Michael McFaul and more, Active Measures links the concurrent rise to power of two men: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Heather Haynes

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