About My Liberty

About My Liberty

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  • Takashi Nishihara
  • Takashi Nishihara (Producer)
  • Takashi Nishihara (Cinematographer)
  • Takashi Nishihara (Editor)

A group of millennials mobilize against President Abe after he passes a security bill erasing 70 years of pacifism by permitting the use of Japanese military in foreign wars. Forming the Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy and protesting with a style and scope Japan has never seen—noisy, well-marketed, fun—the younger generation makes itself heard in ways that rattle the old guard. Cell phone speeches, colourful brochures, catchy English slogans and cute t-shirts are all extensions of the cause, and proof you can care about shopping and still protest for peace, wear crop tops and still be political, demand the president’s resignation and still manage the media with savvy. The future seems to belong to this youthquake. As the demonstrations grow to include all generations, a nation determined to make peace a societal value and founding principle emerges loud and clear. Angie Driscoll

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