• Austria
  • 88
  • PG
  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter
  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Producer)
  • Markus Glaser (Producer)
  • Michael Kitzberger (Producer)
  • Wolfgang Widerhofer (Producer)
  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Cinematographer)
  • Wolfgang Widerhofer (Editor)
  • Wolfgang Widerhofer (Writer)
  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Writer)
  • Maria Arlamovsky (Writer)
  • Lea Saby (Sound)
  • Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson (Sound)
  • Andreas Hamza (Sound)
  • Lenka Mikulova (Sound)
  • Nicolas Joly (Sound)
  • Ekkehard Baumung (Sound)

From the acclaimed director of Pripyat, Elsewhere and Our Daily Bread, Abendland (in English, ‘The West’) is a brilliantly evocative film essay about the Western world, specifically its affluence and exclusiveness. Director Geyrhalter explores this theme with striking images, all filmed at night, that are typical of a modern, industrialized, wealthy civilization: a streamlined crematorium, a complicated security surveillance room, a cold and eerily quiet television news studio. Mass mechanization is a common thread throughout, turning what should be intimate exchanges between people into depersonalized mechanical operations. The director states that he wanted to “capture Europe in a film.” And it is captured, with a wealth of details that makes us look at Europe and ourselves in a new way.

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