Abel Raises Cain

Abel Raises Cain

  • USA
  • 82
  • STC
  • Jenny Abel

Would you attend a school for beggars? Would you listen to a doctor who told you eating human hair was good for you? If these notions seem strange to you, then you probably wouldnt have fallen prey to one of Alan Abels 100 hilarious hoaxes. Abel has devoted the past 40 years of his life to pulling elaborate pranks on the often-unsuspecting media in the name of political and social justice. His hoaxing career began in the 1950s with a campaign to clothe animals for the sake of decency. In this loving and energetic tribute to her father, director Jenny Abel, along with co-director and partner Jeff Hockett, retrace Abels career with fantastic footage of his many media appearances and a behind-the-scenes look at his latest opus: a lobby to ban breastfeeding. To Jenny, her father was just a man with an unusual career. To the media, he was a constant thorn in their side. To us, hes a welcome watchdog and a reminder to not always believe what you see on TV. Shannon Abel

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