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The Hasidic neighbourhood of Borough Park, New York City, is home to a chapter of the largest volunteer ambulance corps in the world: the Hatzolah. The organization steadfastly bans women from joining its ranks—but this can be disconcerting for female patients who have never been in intimate situations with men other than their husbands or immediate family. Surrounded by a group of tenacious women, Rachel “Ruchie” Freier, a no-nonsense Hasidic lawyer and mother of six, is ready to break her community’s glass ceiling by creating the first all-female EMT service in the city. Her efforts to provide women with dignified medical care are met with hostility and resistance, including online shaming and accusations of radical feminism. With unprecedented access to this highly secluded community, and a non-judgmental perspective on their strict lifestyle, 93QUEEN shatters stereotypes and teaches an important lesson: It’s from within that conservative societies can change. Charlotte Selb

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