9 Star Hotel

9 Star Hotel

  • Israel
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Filmmaker Ido Haar’s parents live in the central Israeli town where he remembers seeing a “line of desperate males dashing across the highway…and I wanted to find out why are they running.” This powerful vérité film, more personal than political, explores the relationships that form between a group of Palestinian men working illegally in Israel. Building luxury condominiums by day, and hiding in makeshift tents to avoid the authorities at night, they share food, bond and, over the course of four years, grow from boys into men. It is in these hardscrabble conditions, comically referred to as their “9 star hotel,” that we meet the two central characters, Ahmet and Muhammed. Says Haar, “…one of the hardest things in this film was to see young men with a passion for life and a lot of vitality, but a potential that is being suppressed at all times, not only by Israel, but by cultural concerns.” Chris McDonald.

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